Irakli Zaria

Apartment in the house of the early XX century. A balanced interior for a girl with a refined taste. Area: 120 sq meters.

Harry Nuriev

The designer combined fashion trends with Soviet retro in the interior and filled it with objects of his design. Area: 250 sq meters.

Alexander Erman

Three bedroom apartment. Commercial project. Area: 145 sq meters.

Ivan Pozdnyakov

Technological apartment with a smart home system. Area: 85 sq meters

Alexey Aladashvili

Laconic apartment with furniture from Russian design studios. 

Mike Shilov

Apartment in the historic center of Milan. The balanced interior resonates with the surrounding urban landscape.

Ruetemple studio

Contrast interior for a young family. The concept is based on contrasting materials: dark porcelain tiles and laconic walls. Area: 80 sq meters.

Katya Spinelli

Country house in Moscow. The main idea of the project is to create a beautiful functional and timeless interior.

Katerina Vinogradova

The loft interior in one of the buildings of the former Moscow factory.

Pavel Volovov

Restoration of an apartment in a 19th-century Berlin house. The concept is built on a non-banal color palette.


Yana Volkova and Yuri Volkov

Own designers' apartment. Designers based on the sakura color palette and created the interior in the spirit of Japanese minimalism. Area: 28 sq meters.

Vladimir Berezin

Apartment in a historical building in St. Petersburg. The architect combined historical decor with modern design. Area: 40 sq meters.


The concept of a laconic interior is based on the color palette of avant-garde artists and the work of radical designers of the 1980s. Area: 48 sq meters.

Svetlana Selivanova

The monochrome palette of the apartment is designed in smoky gray, but at the same time the materials are used with a variety of textures and surfaces. Area: 31 square meters.