4 марта 2015 г.


Apartment /Private house

Rustem Urazmetov

Graphic interior in black and white with bright fuchsia accents.

Evgeny Skorikov

The interior is built on cubic volumes - it was important to maintain a balance of cold and warm materials, industrial and natural, alive.

Maxim Kashin

Apartment 70 sq. meters in the Moscow residential complex Golden Mile. The inspiration for the project was the Russian avant-garde.

Aleksandra Fedorova

The materials of the facade of the house flow into the interior. A sculptural staircase made of metal and wood is the dominant feature of the first floor.


Moscow apartment in a reconstructed historic building of the early 20th century for a couple from St. Petersburg.

Timofey Veresnovsky

The interior is inspired by the atmosphere of the Soviet 1970s.

Vladimir Berezin

The lack of natural light in the apartment was compensated for by the sandy tint of the walls and textiles.

Form Buro

The project reimagines the image of a Russian country house. The building has become an organic part of the urban panorama, but it makes it clear: this is the architecture of today.

Olga Malyeva

Own apartment of designer Olga Malyeva in Moscow.

Natalia Kurlygina

The light enveloping interior for a family with two small children is complemented by vintage pieces with an interesting history.

Crosby Studios

The bright, inventive interior is the quintessential Crosby Studios style.

Sergey Khrabrovsky

The author of the project was inspired by the ideas of Bauhaus and Russian constructivism, which he translated into modern language.

Apartment up to 50 sqm

Stanislav Kozin

Stainless steel, exposed concrete and brickwork are key materials that define the project's identity.

Static Aesthetic

Compact functional space for four people — two adults and two children.


Apartment for rent 45 sq. meters — a memorable, comfortable and pleasant space.

Room Design Büro

The functional interior for one person is inspired by the architecture of modernism and Soviet constructivism.


The architect turned the unsuccessful layout of the apartment into the main advantage of the project.

Valeria Senkina

The main focus is on the architecture of the space flooded with natural light.

Line design studio

The center space is created as an integral part of the surrounding landscape.

Hills Design Studio

The futuristic laconic interior symbolizes the progressiveness and innovation of the clinic's treatment methods.

Sergey Nasedkin

A cozy and technological interior of the clinic in Skolkovo.



A transformable art space with a monolithic sculptural concrete staircase and arched openings.

Victoria Kosareva and Andrey Nadtochy

The minimalistic monochrome interior of the winery redefines the very concept of spaces for the presentation of collection wines.


The black, sloping cube of the staircase in a dazzling white space symbolizes the transition from chaos to order.



Technological space "Tsifergauz" of "Gazprom Neft" company for development teams in the field of industrial digital transformation.

Pogodin Rogov Group

The main element of the space is a brick wall, accented with a minimalistic choice of finishes.


The studio provides everything for life and work: space for creativity, kitchen, bedroom, storage systems, bathroom.


Vladimir And

In the interior designers used a shade of steel in different materials, and a large-scale bar counter became the center of the space.

Veter Design & Architecture

The designers have recreated the atmosphere of pre-revolutionary bakeries and maintained the historical significance of the place.

Anastasia Balakireva and Mikhail Knyazev

The multifunctional site combines the formats of a cafe, a refectory, a literary circle and a lecture hall.

Form Buro

The space is filled with fragments of works by street art artists and bright accents in the production aesthetics.

DA bureau

A space in the center of a bustling metropolis where everyone can fully focus on work.

Alexander Volkov Architects

A modern interior with the atmosphere of an old cheese dairy, when the rooms were lit with torches and candles.




A collection of pieces of furniture with expressive geometry on the theme of "Soviet utopia".


Laconic black MDF bench with asymmetrical seat.


A metal chair that did not have time to completely get out of its past.


The collection demonstrates the author's method — rethinking the standards of centralized production of serial products.

Marina Shamsutdinova

The coffee table reinterprets the origins of Russian culture in an up-to-date form.

Olga Engel

R / S Who Are You chairs in new Ria upholstery by Kvadrat / Raf Simons.


Irina Razumovskaya

Geometric lines shift, perfect surface flakes. The object is "frozen" at the moment it ceases to exist.

Maya Prokhorova

Adaptive light in soft fabric.

Bajeno Ceramics

Ceramic shades printed on 3D equipment.

Anna Feoktistova

Compact, clear and natural solid pine lamp.


Nensi Avetisyan

The collection is inspired by the absurdity and ambiguity of contemporary sustainable fashion.

Bunakova Hokhloff Collection

A timeless project — things in Russian style that can be passed over from generation to generation.

Olya Kosterina

The brand's signature work with interpretations of denim and technical fabrics in elegant silhouettes is complemented by vibrant colors.


A collection about the freedom to love oneself and Russian culture with all its contradictions, quests, melancholy and rebellious spirit.


A soft enveloping collection, a kind of mental support pillow for a man today.


A16 Architects

A place to relax from the hustle and bustle of city life, contemplation and communication with nature.

Olga Yakovleva + Pavel Stefanov

The authors tried to convey the sacred purpose of the object in architecture.


Considering the context of the location and the neighborhood of the miniature village, the architects chose the idea of co-scale for their concept.


The structure symbolizes the search for their place by new public spaces in the cultural landscape of the city.


The residence in the Moscow region was built of concrete and finished with an old barn board.


Country house with an area of 210 sq. meters is maximally integrated into the environment.


Pavel Volovov

At the push of a button, the device emits bubbles, which are both antibacterial and fragrant decoration of the space.

Nikita Replyansky

Eight characters are created using modern means of expression.

Irina Samoilova

The corporate body cleaner is designed to help people who cannot take a bath.

Dmitry Grigoriev

Interactive scanner-pass for medical institutions and any public places.

Art & Craft

Alexandra Pikunova

The laconic form and decor, imitating traces of formwork, refer to the architecture of Soviet modernism.

Maria Koshenkova

A medieval still life in the genre of vanitas made of glass and porcelain, transformed into a modern art object.

Zlata Kornilova

The task of the collection is to transfer the memory of the utensils of the Russian hut into objects made of wood and transform them into decorative items.

Marina Akilova

The project of creating modern interior vases from simple natural materials using traditional ornaments.

Zoya Lendenskaya-Bolshakova

Felt 3D art objects are created using traditional craft techniques.

Anastasia Pilepchuk

The author draws inspiration for creating masks from nature, culture, creativity of Frida Kahlo and Bjork.

Venera Kazarova

Mythical characters and their masks were created under the influence of the creativity of the Surrealists and Dadaists.

Irana Razumovskaya

The Icon of Nothing is a ceramic object with no obvious narrative, open to interpretation.

Vitaly Zhuikov

Wooden sculptures.

Sofia Karnukayeva

Objects at the intersection of graphics, sculpture and architecture were created under the influence of the ideas of Suprematism.

Dima Loginov

Limited edition colored blown glass vases.