zahahadidarchitects ‘The Extraordinary Process’ exhibition until 16 Nov at @maisonmaisnon, London

The Extraordinary Process highlights Zaha Hadid Design’s (ZHD) work as a collaborative workshop; exploring the creative process of a variety of makers including Peter Do, Phoebe English, Iris van Herpen, Stephen Jones, Krystyna Kozhoma, Nasir Mazhar, Minimaforms, Patrik Schumacher and XO.

Evolving from discussions between Maison Mais Non, Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher last year, fashion designers and architects examine innovative technologies of the present to imagine how these will evolve and shape the world of the future.

Curated by @LouStoppard, with exhibition design by #WilliamPelham, The Extraordinary Process considers the potential of fashion and architecture to enhance the human condition, and the ways these industries may conceptually redefine themselves in the future.

#TheExtraordinaryProcess was organised under the direction of Zaha Hadid Design with advice from @HansUlrichObrist.

Photo: Minimaforms (Theodore and Stephen Spyropoulos), Emotive City (2015-) @peterxdo @phoebeenglish @irisvanherpen #KrystynaKozhoma @stephenjonesmillinery @nasirmazhar #Minimaforms @studio_xo @patrikschumacher #zahahadiddesign #zhd #ZahaHadid


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