yvesbehar From conception to birth:
My baby here: 9 months
The Snoo with Dr Harvey Karp: 5 years

Design work is very personal!

There are many projects developed in engineering labs and with a tech centric mindset, but Snoo was built with a humanistic point of view from beginning to end! The @happiest_baby Snoo is truly Technology meets Humanity... The crib’s movements are designed to help train a baby’s circadian rhythms earlier, which leads to better sleep for both baby and parents in the long run. The SNOO crib gentle swinging movement movement is created by a drive train specifically designed for this product, which creates a rocking motion that can endure millions of cycles. In conjunction with its gentle movements, the SNOO crib also plays a variety of white noise specific to the amount of the infant’s crying: a low-pitched white noise helps a tired baby fall asleep, while a higher pitched white noise may calm a fussy infant.

The SNOO also helps promote safe sleep with a special sleep sack (included), which allows the infant to be swaddled (which helps most babies feel secure, similar to their time in the womb), and is then clipped to attachment points in the crib to prevent the infant from rolling while sleeping.
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