mrorlandosoria IMPORTANT FALL DESIGN TIP: Stop what you're doing right now, run out and buy some branches with autumn leaves all over them, and put those branches in vases throughout your home. Then, every time you start feeling even the slightest bit of boredom or depression, stick your entire head into a bunch of branches and take a deep breath in. You will immediately be filled with joy and wonder and you'll forget why you were ever bored/depressed. And then you'll start to get angry that you didn't think to buy branches before. And that's when you'll start blaming everyone in your life for not telling you to buy branches earlier. And then you'll be filled with so much rage that you have to stick your head into the bundle of branches again. This cycle will continue until after Thanksgiving, when you'll have to change your decor for the winter, at which time you'll be forced to find happiness by smashing your head into bunches of holly berries. #victim #orcondo #halloween #orcondoween


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