mrorlandosoria I literally wept in front of my blog assistant (@thehoneybluespottery) as I wrote today's Hommemaker travel guide to Nice, France (where Edouard and I went in August). The Bastille Day attack was just a few weeks before we visited and the memory of the eighty-six people lost was present in everything we did there. Still, it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever been and I'd like to encourage everyone who can to visit and support the local businesses, who have already lost enough and shouldn't be punished for the acts of mass murderers. It's a magical place and I hope to go again sometime soon. #hommemaker #hommemakertravels #nicefrance


Kelly Wearstler @kellywearstler
Studio Libeskind @daniellibeskind
Herve Van Der Straeten Galerie @hervevanderstraetengalerie