mrorlandosoria I WENT INSIDE THIS BUILDING LAST NIGHT! It's kind of a life long dream, because I've always wanted to go into a building that looks like a giant stack of laserdiscs. So you can imagine my surprise, delight, and spooky childlike laughter when @crateandbarrel invited me to a fun event to celebrate their new furniture collab with @capitolrecords. We even got to go into the actual mixing studio and get yelled at by a sound engineer about Sam Smith. IT WAS THE MOST MAGICAL EVENING OF MY LIFE AND I SHAN'T SOON FORGET IT. #victim #capitolrecords #crateandbarrel


Kelly Wearstler @kellywearstler
Studio Libeskind @daniellibeskind
Herve Van Der Straeten Galerie @hervevanderstraetengalerie