mrorlandosoria I gotta be honest, I'm not into this week. If this week were a person and he was falling down the stairs, I'd do that thing where you're all "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" and you reach out your hand pretending you wanna help catch him but then don't reach far enough and just let him fall down the stairs. I'm not gonna go into it, because that would be boring, but I am gonna say that I'd feel a little better if I could wallow all over this beach house's living room floor. Anyway, if you're having a good week, I'm happy - you deserve it! If you're having a garbage week, I'm with you (everything is terrible). Ok bye. #victim photo @tessaneustadt x @homepolish (my San Clemente beach house project)


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Herve Van Der Straeten Galerie @hervevanderstraetengalerie