mrorlandosoria I was just innocently minding my own business, waddling all over the Internet using my human sausage fingers to type in various websites, when I came across this old pic of my old bedroom in my old apartment like seven makeovers ago. Sometimes, I'm like, "SCREW YOU, PAST, YOU'RE A DICK!" But then other times I'm all "COME BACK, PAST, I MISS YOU." Seeing this pic def filled me with that COME BACK feeling. I wish that the past could be the future so that I could, once again, luxuriate in this little bed under that gorgeous Japanese screen. But if the past was the future, there would be no future, so we'd be stuck in a space time loop where all we could do is stare at this bed forever and ever. And that would get boring after like two months. Anyway, I hope you have fun plans in your future (like this weekend for example). Because if there's one thing I've learned from writing this post, it's that the past cannot be the future but the future can def be a major blast. Speaking of the past, does anyone know if Zima still exists? Asking for a friend... #fbf #memries #thoughtz2ponder


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