mrorlandosoria TBT to yesterday when I waddled on over to check out the @mamashelterla and hang out with @homepolish designers on the roof. It's a pretty lovely space (designed by the great Phillipe Starck) and the roof reminds you that even though Los Angeles can seem like an apocalypse sandwich sometimes, it can actually be pretty beautiful (If you're on the roof. Of a luxury hotel. Drinking). Anyway, if you have any interest in seeing me do fake commercials for @disaronno_official, check out my snaps (@mrorlandosoria). I'm gonna be honest, my love for Disaronno is strong, true, and virtuous. And I had no idea until last night! Special thanks to @fashionyourseatbelt for getting my hobo self into this richpeopleparty. #


Kelly Hoppen @kellyhoppen
Matthew Williamson @matthewwilliamson
Zaha Hadid Architects @zahahadidarchitects